But why?

Well hello there. Thanks so much for stopping by. Would you like a tea?

I started Brixtonia just because I bloody love Brixton, and it seemed a more effective way of communicating this than standing in Windrush Square and shouting. It’s in no way comprehensive, informative only by accident, and somewhat biased. Hopefully, though, you’ll find some helpful suggestions of nice ways to spend time in Brixton. You might not though.

I’d tell you a bit about me but I’m not that interesting. What is interesting though is Brixton. It’s one of London’s most vibrant areas, with a fascinating history, and packs an eclectic shedload into a small space. For example, in Brixton you will find: an Ethiopian restaurant, a bar in the crypt of a church, a hundred year-old cinema, a beautiful park with 1930s lido, and even a separate currency.

People will tell you that Brixton has changed a lot over the past few years. Which it has, and it’s changed a lot over the last ten, twenty, one hundred years too. Just over fifty years ago some passengers disembarked from the SS Empire Windrush, found cheap accommodation in Brixton and made it their home, contributing hugely to the Brixton we’re lucky enough to know today. Ninety years ago the area was luvvy central (or so I like to imagine) when it was home to many music hall performers. In the 1890s it was a trendy shopping district, with large expensive houses and the first street to be lit by electric lighting. Independent department store Morley’s still survives from this era. And just over two hundred years ago it wasn’t here at all. Just fields, with a river running through. Interesting, eh?

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2 Responses to “But why?”

  1. rosiebirkett October 6, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    Nice blog girls. Aside from being a Brixtonian who lives in Clapham, I also happen to know that Liz believes there is such a thing as goat eggs.

    • lizbrixtonia October 7, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

      Despite being a professional writer, Rosie has made it sound like I’m a Brixtonian who lives in Clapham which is not the case! GOD, get an editor… Oh, was that my goats egg timer going off?

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