Brixton dresses up for Hallowe’en

30 Oct

Well Brixton, you’re a creative lot. There were some brilliant Hallowe’en costumes on display last night. Here are some of my favourites.

The Duke of Edinburgh was in full swing, with many wedding dress massacres, bloody nurses and a whole troop of white-faced pierrot clowns. Oh, and a whoopee cushion and Jimmy Saville. Bit soon perhaps?!

A Helena Bonham-Carter alike. This looks great. Might steal the idea for next year!

This looks amazing. Apparently it’s a recycled outfit from Bestival this year. Can you imagine trying to get all that off with baby wipes?!

My friends were so impressed with Dolly. She looks great.

For added spookiness (and reduced health and safety) there was a small fire in the Duke’s garden. Here’s Beetlejuice fanning the flames.

Satan celebrating with a bottle of champagne! When I asked if it was ok to put his photo on the blog, the reply was, ‘I’m obviously not shy am I?’

Mary the werewolf. Excellent make up.

Then on to Electric, where Propaganda was in full swing . I think this was one of my favourite costumes of the night, how good do these two look?!

A for effort goes to zip face. Seriously freaky, and freakishly uncomfortable surely?

And finally in the White Horse I found this guy. He was sad about losing an eyebrow, but the eyelashes look brilliant. Anyone who can apply and tolerate fake eyelashes shows far more patience and endurance than I have!

 I wonder how many people are waking up in facepaint-stained beds this morning, wearing bits of a costume they don’t recognise!

(If you’ve spotted yourself and want me to add your name, just leave me a comment.)

3 Responses to “Brixton dresses up for Hallowe’en”

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    [...] My, there were some good costumes last year (there are some photos of Brixton last Hallowe’en here). Although I don’t reckon the guy dressed as Jimmy Saville at the Duke will be recycling his [...]

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